TSL’s 2014 Olympic Preview

TSL’s 2014 Olympic Preview featuring Jonathan Beyer and Whitney Fetterhoff.

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Author: Dave Lease

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  1. I want Virtue/Moir to win. No, I don’t love their free. But I think they are the better team. What I can’t get past with Marlie is the lack of a real connection. And the fact that Merle’s positions lines aren’t as ideal.

    I felt last year that V/M had the better, more interesting program, and that didn’t get them the gold medal. So I’m not sure why better more interesting program should here.

    For me this is about what I want ice dance to be. And I’m with Zhulin. Thank God for Virtue/Moir who still keep ice dance about the connection between two people. And lines/positions should be important in a discipline called ice dance.

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    • Personally, I feel the things V/M do aren’t rewarded enough, and I’m not sure it would matter what program they did, because the fix is pretty much in.

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      • “the things V/M do aren’t rewarded enough”

        Yeah, its a real outrage the way they were cheated out of an OGM in 2010, isn’t it.

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      • So whenever V/M don’t automatically win, the fix is in. Gotcha. All those 10s they get – judges pure cheating them.

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        • V/M should have at the very LEAST won the short at the GPF. Charlie was not perfect in his twizzles. The fact that they didn’t shows how much yes the fix is in.

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    • I agree with you, becca. I think the problem with Davis & White is that they’re technically excellent, but very mechanical and robotic. The emotion and connection just isn’t there between the two. Before someone accuses me of being a Virtue & Moir fan, I will say I prefer Pechalat & Bourzat and Cappellini & Lanotte the most.

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      • I do seem to recall Marlie won the GPF four years ago and did not come away with Olympic Gold. I’m hopeful that the folks who gave the world title to V/m two years ago with the feeling that Merle was not Tessa, are going to rise up here. I do know there are those who do prefer V/M’s connection.

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    • i’m glad that there are still people who think so. as an objective observer from germany i just don’t get how d/w can be viewed as superior to v/m. unfortunately the gpf showed us that d/w win even with obvious mistakes. i think it’s about money because the usa only have a chance for gold in the ice dance competition.

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      • Hello V/M fan parapluies. I don’t think you’re objective.

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      • “i just don’t get how d/w can be viewed as superior to v/m.”

        Well for one thing the way that Scott has been grimacing every time he has to pick up Tessa, although the last time I saw them they were doing better in that regard. Irregardless you can tell this is a problem for them and it takes away from their programs as a whole IMO.

        Not that I don’t think they’ve been great champions, but thus far the last year or two I think D/W edge them out – not to mention I think its delusional to paint D/W as having ZERO ‘connection’.

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        • Just because V/M are OGMS doesn’t mean they are fully rewarded. In terms of Davis/White the qualities V/M have over them are not rewarded. Tessa’s posture, lines, arm movements ARE better than Merle’s. And lines clearly don’t matter under this system even though this is Dance.

          And I say this in general and this goes for pairs too, why do lifts with bad positions get high GOE?

          It bothers me.

          Davis and White. do have wonderful speed and flow over the ice, he in particular is incredible but.. They have a lot of things that make them incredible….

          But I don’t see much of a connection there between Davis/White. I don’t. I don’t know if I’d ever believe or wonder that they are a couple. And that means they frankly aren’t doing their job.

          I’m not one of those delusional people who think V/M is a couple or a real, but I do sense that when they are skating together, they skate as they are one at that moment.

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          • I think that one bugs me more is that
            1. Virtue/Moir haven’t been allowed to beat Davis/White in the last what season and half.

            2. Davis/White thus being considered better.

            The Davis/White being considered better because of the above is what I frankly cannot handle because I feel that Virtue/Moir, have more range has performers.

            I feel like there’s a lot of similarity in what Davis/White do besides the Bollywood program.

            While I’m not a huge fan of the Mahler/this program Although in someways I like this better than Mahler.

            Their Latin program, Pink Floyd, Carmen had huge differences.

            What’s really different between Notre Dame and the program this year?

            But the main thing is the lines/connection issue.

          • And yes the better lines thing from V/M. I do think Tessa’s injuries were an issue. But the thing is I’m convinced that politics is being what it is, it wouldn’t matter.

          • Ah, I see. You are a shipper. That explains some of the obsession here. “No connection” in your terms translates into “not a couple.” D/W have “no connection” because they can’t convince you they want to jump each others’ bones when dancing together. Personally, I appreciate V/M’s qualities but I don’t see how even the most avid fan could describe their FD as other than a jumbled-up snoozefest (that is ‘about’ themselves, lol!). If they had a better FD, they might be having better results this season. Meanwhile, Scheherazade is a miniature masterpiece that casts a spell on the audience. JMO.


      Mao Asada
      Carolina Kostner
      Akiko Suzuki

      Daisuke Takahashi
      Jeremy Abbott
      Jason Brown



      team event:
      Russia (I’d say Japan…but there is NO way)



      Mao Asada
      Julia Lipnitskaia
      Yuna Kim

      Yuzuru Hanyu
      Patrick Chan
      Tatsuki Machida



      team event:

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  2. Ladies Dream: Mao, Akiko, Ashley/Carolina
    Ladies Nightmare: Adelina

    Men’s Dream: Dai, Jeremy, Yuzuru
    Men’s Nightmare: Chanflation

    Pairs Dream: V/T, P/T, S/S
    Pairs Nightmare: V/T not winning!

    Dance Dream: Queen Meryl/Charlie, V/M, P/B
    Dance Nightmare: Any scenario where D/W leave the door open for V/M (who are also fab, ofc) to sneak in. Charlie screwing up the twizzles. Meryl finally being a human being and making a huge error. THIS IS LITERALLY HAUNTING MY DREAMS ATM.

    Love the preview, but the audio went really out of sync for me for awhile. And ugh ITA about Tessa & Scott — it’s coming off like she is in love with him and he doesn’t care! so basically what I always thought lol

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  3. Dream ladies: Kostner, Akiko, Mao – dont care who gets which medal as long as they are on the podium.
    Nightmare ladies – Julia Lipnitskaia, Gracie Gold, Polina E – because they are all so young and at least one would retiree and I dont want that.

    Dream men – clean Daisuke or clean Patrick, bronze to Fernandez.
    Nightmare men – Chan with fallS, Plushenko in any shape or form, Amodio

    Dream pairs – Savchenko&Szolkowy, Volosozhar&Trankov, Berton&Hotarek
    Nightmare pairs – sloppy Volosozhar&Trankov

    Dream ice dancing – Nathalie Péchalat & Fabian Bourzat, Cappellini&Lanotte, Weaver&Poje – dream on sister 😉
    Nightmare ice dancing: Bobrova&Soloviev, Ilynikh&Katsalapov, Chok&Bates

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  4. Dream podiums
    Ladies – Carolina Kostner, Akiko Suzuki, Ashley Wagner
    Men – Daisuke Takahashi, Jeremy Abbott, Chan ( if he skates cleanish)
    Pairs – Volosozhar/Trankov, Savchenko/Szolkowy, Zhang/Bartholomay ( for no other reason than to see her reaction again in that final lift) More seriously Berton/Hotarek
    Dance – Davis/White Virtue/Moir, Pechalat/Bourzat
    Nightmare Podium – this is more tricky

    Ladies Yuna Kim ( I don’t want her to get gold, happy for her to be on podium) Murakami, Li Zijun last two because they are the ladies I where my brain always switches off before the end of their programme

    Men – Plushenko, Amodio, Chan with numerous falls.

    Controversially I also don’t really want to see Jason Brown there as I think the only way he will be there is if the competition has been a splatfest amongst the guys with a quad, I do however want him to skate amazingly and have the best time so he is ready for 2018

    Pairs – Castelli/Shnapir, Pang/Tong, Stolbova/Klimov

    Dance Bpbrova/Soloviev (thats it really as long as they don’t medal I am happy!)

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  5. Dance dream: Meryl and Charlie, V/M, P/B
    Dance nightmare: V/M, Meryl and Charlie, B/S

    Pairs Dream: Aliona and Robin, Pang/Tong, V/T
    Pairs nightmare: the tacky and boring V/T winning

    Ladies dream: Mao, Akiko, Ashley
    Ladies nightmare: Kim, Mao, Lipnitskaia

    Men dream: Daisuke, Jeremy, Fernandez
    Men nightmare: Chan, Plushenko

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  6. ice dance

    virtue/moir – davis/white – pechalat/bourzat
    davis/white – virtue/moir – bobrova/soloviev (which is the way it’s going to be according to insiders if nobody falls)


    savchenko/szolkowy volozoshar/trankov pang/tong
    nightmare: anyone else being on the podium instead of these


    kostner – asada – kim
    lipnitskaya – gold – sotnikova


    (clean) chan – takahashi – hanyu
    abbott – fernandez – joubert

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    • As a supposed objective observer from Germany, I was just wondering,IMHO,why you would have Jeremy Abbott with a clean skate on your nightmare list if it wasn’t an American bias. Just curious about your reasoning cause I can’t see that being fair.

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      • please don’t take all of this too seriously. the “objective” was used ironically. with abbott it’s just that i don’t really like his skating too much, sorry. if he skates clean and chan and so on have a few mistakes i would totally understand if jeremy was on the podium. and i like some of the us-american skaters. d/w included. i personally think the skaters i picked for the dream podium are the best if they skate clean.

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        • You seriously think Hanyu is that great? The boy has no artistry, he is a jumping bean. Abbott on the other hand is the complete skater. He has the jumps and the spins the footwork and the musicality. When Abbott is on I can only see Chan or Takahashi being able to beat him. Watch Abbott’s performance from this year’s nationals. His quad and footwork were magnificent.

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  7. ROFL at these ridiculous “dream podiums”

    For Ladies, Yuna Kim will dominate and the competition will be over after the SP.

    For Men, Patrick Chan will win his well deserved OGM, though it will be close.

    For Dance, D/W. For Pair, V/T.

    No debate, no drama. Let the rightful winners be crowned.

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  8. I have this dream of Jason Brown pulling off a Sarah Hughes and sneaking in there. . .a girl can dream. My nightmare is Chan winning but at the same time he’s really been dominant over the last 4 years and it would seem like he is most likely to receive it. Give a U.S. lady a bronze but none are really worthy of being in that Olympic champion elite club for me. The team event will forever change up how difficult it has always been for skaters to earn an Olympic medal in skating. I hope it just doesn’t cheapen it in some way.

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  9. Dream Men: Men: Takahashi, Abbot, J. Ten

    Nightmare Men: Plushenko, Plushenko, Plushenko

    Dream Women: Mao, YuNa, Li Zijun (if she’s on her game) or Edmunds

    Nightmare Women: Gold, Sotnikova, Kostner (sorry Dave)

    Dream Ice Dance: D/W, V/M, C/L

    Nightmare Dance: B/S, Chock/Bates, Shibs (have loved them in the past but cannot with the FD)

    Dream Pairs: (bah on Japan for breaking up Takahshi/Tran) P/T, S/S, Zheng/ Peng

    Nightmare Pairs: Duchamel/Radford, B/S – don’t really have a 3rd

    Love you guys but too much on the V/M show and am I the only person around here who thinks Edmunds is the best of the 3 US ladies? I LOVE her LP.

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  10. It won’t affect Yuna’s status at all if she doesn’t win gold. She’ll still be a star in Korea and only skating ubers in other countries will even know who she is.

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  11. Fun show guys!!

    I’m with Jonathan on the Tessa & Scott show. Typical reality fare, a bit dull, and I’m sure most of it is manufactured. The only thing I’ve really learned (that I didn’t know before) is Marina & Johnny Johns are a couple. I’m not much of a V/M fan, so I find myself not caring if Tessa likes Scott or not. And can I just say I wasn’t surprised to see Scott & Patrick Chan hanging out off ice–they’re two of the most difficult people in figure skating, of course they get along! Anyhow, yes, a bit less time on the Tessa & Scott show would be just fine.

    So, my podiums:

    Dream ladies: Mao, Yuna, Gracie
    NIGHTMARE: Julia and, to a lesser extent, Adelina; also Murakami

    Dream men: Takahashi, Brown, Ten
    NIGHTMARE: Chanflation

    Dream pairs: S/S, V/T, P/T or P/Z
    Bad dream (definitely not nightmare level): Either Canadian pair OR B/L

    Dream dance: D/W, V/M, P/B
    NIGHTMARE: Anyone other than Meryl/Charlie winning; either Russian pair, but especially B/S

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  12. This is delightful! Let’s see:

    Dream team ladies: G) Lipnitskaya S) Suzuki B) Gold
    Nightmare/disappointment/paid judges: G) Radionova S) Mao B) Osmond

    Dream team men: G)Takahashi S) Hanzu B) Brown
    Nightmare/diappointment/paid judges: Hard to say because I see Abbott again in 9th place and the Czech Republic bohemians bombing and Chan’s Canadian Men’s curse

    Dream team pairs: G) the Germans! S) The Russians B)The Chinese!
    Do we have to EVEN go there when it comes to a nightmare pairs’ podium? There is not a chance of that, except the chatty Canadian pair!

    Dream team dance:G)D/W S)Weaver and Poje!!! B) French or Italian ( love their food!)
    Nightmare/disappointment/paid judges: any of these Russian pairs or the other Michael Jackson tribute pair from the UK

    Miss you Jenny!!!

    Hilsen fra Norge and may Norway win the most gold! Oh we have our first lady figure skater since 1964! NO she is not going to medal.. but I hope she makes the top 24!

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    • Sorry, I made a mistake on my ladies’ nightmare : Sotnikova not Rodionova! ( Although R’s costumes give me nightmares!!)

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      • Radinova was too young to qualify – agree she would have made my nightmare podium too for her tacky packaging & programs.

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  13. Dream Podium:
    Ladies – Asada, Kostner, Suzuki
    Men – Takahashi, Abbott, Brown

    Nightmare Podium:
    Ladies – Lipnitskaya, Gold, Sotnikova
    Men – Plushenko, Chan (if he’s sloppy)

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  14. Dream Ladies

    Nightmare Ladies
    Julia,other Russians,Kostner(sorry Dave)

    Dream Men

    Nightmare Men
    Plushy, Joubert, Reynolds

    Dream Dance

    Nightmare Dance
    Anybody but D/W on top

    Dream Pairs
    Just would like to see C/S make podium

    Nightmare Pairs
    D/R (too cocky)

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  15. Besides the dream & nightmare podiums, there was so much I loved about this recap, namely

    -The clarification that Sarah Hughes did not come of nowhere in SLC. I am by no means a Sarah fan but the Gracie could surprise for gold like teenage Sarah narrative is just all wrong. Gracie is not Sarah. Similarly, Polina is not Tara circa 1998. Calm down & have a seat 4 year media.
    -Loved the Jenni Meno stuff about creating a narrative about connection. I love all mentions of late 90s skating. I felt like Alexa Scimeca was trying to do the exact same thing right before Nats when it seemed like it would be between them & C/S for an Olympic spot. Intense pairs girls were and continue to be some of my favorites.
    -Tessa Virtue is Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married. No words.
    -I am too excited for the team competition except for the whole bizarre before Opening Ceremonies part. Would love to know why Team USA won’t tell us who is doing the Ladies SP after promising us a reveal on February 5. Not sure what the optimal lineup is- I have the most faith in Polina skating clean but I know they will split their 2 stars and I agree with that. However, Gracie still scares me and Ashley debuting a new LP is kind of scary too. I definitely agree Jason should do Riverdance as much as possible as it is the only chance to boost the popularity of skating for more than the next 18 days.

    Dream Ladies- 1. Carolina 2. Julia 3. Ashley
    Nightmare Ladies 1. Adelina 2. Kanako 3. Gracie (not yet)

    Dream Mens- 1. Takahashi 2. Jason 3. Jeremy
    Nightmare Mens- Patrick with 2 falls and 2 stepouts and a pop, Plushenko, Reynolds

    Dreams Pairs- 1. V/T 2. MTM/M 3. C/S (total dream) or P/T (dream based in plausibility)
    Nightmare Pairs- Duhamel and Radford. Like the short, hate hate hate that LP. And she’s just not pretty in lifts. And for the reason alone, they should not be on a pairs podium.

    Dream Dance- 1. D/W 2. V/M 3. clean I/K or W/P
    Nightmare Dance- B/S. That is all.

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  16. I keep forgetting about this team event. Some very improbable people have the ability to walk away from this Olympics with a medal if they get put on that team. This is my nightmare.

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  17. I do not understand the supposed connection between V/M and supposed lack of it between D/W. I see different levels of connection depending on the programs they are doing. And that reality show – I just can not get through a whole episode of it.



    Wagner (do not want the political guesswork rewarded)
    The 2 Russian Girls

    In Dance, anything but D/W winning is my nightmare.
    oh… Chock & Bates. No – not them. And I do not want the Michael Jackson program rewarded.

    In Pairs – whatever – not invested.

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  18. The V/M fans who think the fix is in for D/W to win have a much higher opinion of USFS than I do. I don’t think USFS are above politicking or backroom deals, by any means. I just think they’re inept at it.

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    • You are so right, I have always felt like US skaters had to be twice as good as anyone to get anywhere. Look back to 88 in Calgary, Biotano has two choreographic master pieces (for that time) and the most flawless jumps any male skater had ever performed and he still only one by 1/10th of a point over Orser. Orser double axel that was supposed to be triple, stepped out of the flip and had typical Ushi choreography. I much preferred Orser as a pro skater when he really shined in his true style. Point being Skate Canada, Russian, Japan, just about every other country is way better at the politics of skating than USFSA.

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  19. Ladies Dream Podium:
    Mao(G), Julia(S), Carolina(B)

    Ladies Nightmare Podium:
    Kim(G), Mao(S), Akiko(B)

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  20. Dream podiums in mens and ladies

    young and fresh faces, the sport’s future:

    Hanyu, Li, Gold, Lipnitskaya, Brown

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    • I agree with fresh faces! Yuna for example has to come with something really fresh and innovative to get judges to notice her in a new way.

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  21. I don’t really have a lot of horses in this race, unlike past Olympiads. But in a way, that makes it so much more fun, because I won’t be lighting candles and screaming in the living room if my cable goes out (Nagano. Don’t ask).

    However, here are some dreams and some nightmares:

    Dream ladies: Soft spot of Akiko and Carolina. And I think they have the best dresses, so a win or show for these two grand dames is a dream. It would be like Helen Mirren AND Judi Dench tying for a Best Actress Oscar!
    Dream men: I love Jeremy’s short, and it would be a dream to see him skate it clean. After that, I got nothing.
    Dream pairs: Pang and Tong for the win! May she never go hungry again. Also love him. He needs to star in a Hong Kong action movie, stat.
    Dream dance: V/M gold, P/B silver, W/P bronze. Clearly, I’ve been taking too much Lunestra.

    Nightmare ladies: Yuna bores me to tears. Mao tries too hard. Gracie Gold isn’t fully al dente yet. No, please.
    Nightmare men: The Arthritic Wonder of Plushenko’s Greatest Non-Hits.
    Nightmare pairs: I got nothing.
    Nightmare dance: My dance nightmare is Meryl and Charlie’s interviews after they win, because I may develop narcolepsy listening to their non-answers. I would call B/S in bronze position a nightmare, but I’m sorry, I simply live for the return of Disco Tosca Meets Ennio Morricone Clint Eastwood music. Remember, laughter IS the best medicine.

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    • LOL I like your style!!

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  22. Dream- Chan for Gold, Abbott, Takahashi, and Ten for other medals

    Nightmare- Plushenko for Gold, Fernandez, Joubert, Amodio, Hanyu, Brezina, Yan, and Reynolds for other medals

    Dream- Kim for Gold, Asada and Suzuki for other medals

    Nightmare- Wagner, Lipnitskaia, Sotnikova, Kostner, Gold,

    Dream- Davis and White, Pechalat and Bourzat

    Nightmare- Virtue and Moir, Bobrova and Soloviev

    Dream Savchenko and Szolkowy, Pang and Tong

    Nightmare- A Russian sweep

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  23. Dream Men:
    1. Chan
    2. Abbott
    3. Verner

    Nightmare Men:
    1. Fernandez
    2. Amodio
    3. Reynolds

    Dream Ladies:
    1. Kostner
    2. Suzuki
    3. Wagner

    Nightmare Ladies:
    1. Kim
    2. Asada
    3. Murakami

    Dream Pairs:
    1. Volosozhar/Trankov
    2. Savchenko/Szolkowy
    3. Moore-Towers/Moscovitch

    Dream Dance:
    1. Virtue/Moir
    2. Davis/White
    3. Cappellini/Lanotte

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    • Kostner medaling or winning without the triple lutz is a set back for the sport. It’s bad enough that Lipnitskaia has such a weak double axel and she’s been winning all these Grand Prix events.

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  24. Dream Podium Ladies-
    Julia L, Gracie, Mao
    Nightmare Podium Ladies-
    Yuna, Carolina, Adelina

    I hope Gracie and Julia skates lights out!!! They are the most fun to watch. I fear Mao will fail again due to the axels. Yuna … meh:/

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  25. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If Katalin Alpern is the technical caller for dance, Meryl and Charlie will be second.

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    • Katalin Alpern is Referee of the ice dance panel.

      The Whole Dance Panel is:
      Referee – Katalin Alpern, Israel/Hungary
      TC – Halina Gordon-Poltorak, Poland (ID Tech Comm. Chairwoman)
      TS – Ayako Higashino, Japan
      ATS – Gyorgy Elek, Hungary

      Note that Katalin Alpern is actually a Hungarian lady, lives in Hungary, but has officiated for Israel for over 12 years. So there are actually 2 Hungarians on the ice dance panel, with Gyorgy Elek as ATS.

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  26. I’ll preface this with “I’m a Canadian and I am unashamedly bias”.

    Dream- Clean Chan beating clean Yuzuru, Jason Brown.
    Nightmare- PLUSHENKO, any French or Czech man, Tatsuki

    Dream- Carolina Kostner, Kaetlyn Osmond (confused as to what you mean about the media and her. Would love it if someone elaborated.) and Ashley Wagner.
    Nightmare- Julia, Adelina, and someone like Zijun Li, or Kanakko Murakami

    Dream- Savchenko/ Szolkowy and both Canadian teams (Ahah)
    Nightmare- messy V/T, Bazarova/ Larionov, Stolbova/ Klimov, or Peng/ Zhang

    Dream- Virtue/ Moir, Weaver/ Poje, Pechalat/ Bourzat (I totally realize this won’t happen, it’s just my dream)
    Nightmare- bad D/W still beating V/M, Bobrova/ Soloviev, Chock/ Bates.

    ALSO I want to comment on the negative comments on Duhamel/ Radford. Although things like the excessive talking and analyzing isn’t my favourite either, I highly respect them. Both of them grew up in not that wealthy families in Northern Ontario, and had to leave home in their teens to pursue their dreams. They’ve both worked so hard from singles, partner to partner and could have easily given up somewhere along the way because of the relative lack of success well into their twenties. Since partnering up have steadily climbed the ladder, and have worked to make artistic improvements as they are naturally more technical skaters. They are the only team in the world to do the SBS Lutzes, to mixed success, but I do believe it is something worth something. Eric composed their SP music himself, which is incredible, and has resulted in a really beautiful short program. Yes, they (esp. Meagan) can be accused of being cold and IJSey, but when you think about going through all they have, it would be difficult not to be. Idk if they’re going to win a medal. Their GP wasn’t very good, but they were a lot better at Canadians and do tend to peak at the end of the season.
    Overall, some of their criticism is warranted, but there is a lot to respect in them. And I hope they can stand on that podium, and even if they don’t that they will still be proud of all the incredible feats they have bee able to accomplish.

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  27. dream podiums:

    Men- Gold: Abbott Silver: Takahashi Bronze: Hanyu
    Ladies’- Gold: Asada Silver: Suzuki Bronze: Wagner
    Pairs- Gold: Savchenko/ Szolkowy Silver: Volosozhar/ Trankov Bronze: Pang/ Tong
    Dance- Gold: Davis/ White Silver: Virtue/ Moir Bronze: Weaver/ Poje

    Men- Gold: Chan Silver: Hanyu Bronze: Fernandez
    Ladies’ Gold: Kim Silver: Lipnitskaia Bronze: Asada
    Pairs: Gold: Volosozhar/ Trankov Silver: Savchenko/ Szolkowy Bronze: Duhamel/ Radford
    Dance: Gold: Davis/ White Silver: Virtue/ Moir Bronze: Bobrova/ Soloviev

    Hoping: That Suzuki, Kostner, Wagner, Abbott, Brown, Takahashi, Savchenko/ Szolkowy, and Davis/White all skate incredibly well; USA wins the team event.

    Things I am really hoping won’t happen: Sotnikova/ Lipnitskaia on the podium in the ladies’ and Plushenko on the podium in the men’s; Chan winning the men’s and Volosozhar/ Trankov winning pairs; Virtue/ Moir winning dance with Bobrova/ Soloviev on the podium.

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  28. First of all I gotta say I absolutely love watching this website’s videos. I think you have a fresh and quite entertaining way to keep us informed about whats going on in the figure skating world while.

    As for the Olys podium, here are my dreams/predictions:


    LADIES: 1. Sotnikova, 2. Lipnistkaia, 3. Kostner.
    As much as I love Yuna and Mao, I’d love to watch a complete new podium for the ladies this year and YES, I accept it, I’m in love with the russian babies. I see why people would dislike them so much given the huge boost they often receive by the judges in PCS but I think their styles are refreshing and they have great potential. I have grown to aprecciate Sotnikova’s weird choreo though I’m still trying to figure out what’s with the waving near the end of her LP. As for Julia, I think I’m a little biased as she reminds me of mentally stronger yet polished young Sasha Cohen and I think she’s the biggest hope for Russia right now.
    Carolina has really grown on me lately. I see now why the judges were always so “generous” to her when it came to PCS. Especially with the russian girls right now being somewhat sloppy in that area but I think it’s gonna be difficult for her to make the podium this time (I really hope she does, though).

    REALISTIC: 1. Yuna, 2. Mao, 3. Lipnitskaia.



    I usually am not really invested in these competitions so I don’t have really a ‘dream’ podium on either but I think that, as for the pairs, it’s Russia’s to lose with Trankov and Volosozhar. I hope tha Americans do well, too.

    As for ice dance, I think this time I’m gonna be more interested than usual since I love the rivalry between V/M and D/W and I think it’s gonna be a close competition for them. Don’t really care for the bronze but I’d like to see a non russian couple like Capellini and Lanotte.



    Dream: 1. Plushenko, 2. Hanyu, 3. Chan

    You gotta give it up for Plushenko. The man is in his thirties and still landing quad-triple combinations. Besides he’s been around at the Olys since 2002, has won 3 medals and probably will get a fourth (if not a fifth) this time. I think stars like him are really good for the sport as long as he’s judged fairly (which unfortunately I think won’t be happening). Hanyu is a raising star and I find his style particularly interesting and I think Chan has started to lose those somewhat inflated scores he received during this olympic cycle.

    REALISTIC: 1. Hanyu, 2. Chan, 3. MAAAAAAAAYBE Plushenko or Javier Fernandez.


    Btw, I really miss Jenny Kirk. I do enjoy a lot the guests but I think the Dave and Jenny combo was pretty entertaining.

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    • Can’t believe he blew a kiss to the audience AGAIN! This is the fricking Olypmics, dude, NOT an exhibition! That is NOT choreography! (Full disclosure: have not been a fan if his skating since the 90’s and felt the Silver medal in 2010 was a gift.)

      That said, I think he actually looked better last night than he did four years ago and his choreography was better (less gliding, cross overs and making faces) and the man can rise to the occasion. I’ll also give him credit for being a great jumper, but I still wonder why no one discusses Plushenko-flation” when it comes to his 2nd mark scores!

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      • Oh he worked it to the nth degree! NO SURPRISE about Jeremy Abbott. NOw we have 3 countries fighting for fifth place in the team event. 3 things that stood out : MORE COWBELL from the germans, More group hugs from the Canadians ( thanks dream podium Weaver) and hair from wind tunnel Megan!

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  29. Nightmares

    Plushenko on the mens podium. I respect the guy, but I am SO sick of him. And frankly, he didn’t earn it! I hate it when skaters swoop in just for the Olympics without having been through the grind of the past 4 years.
    Gracie Gold winning, it’s not her time! I want her to mature a bit more over the next few years and wow us in 2018
    Ice Dance:
    I am Canadian, but okay with D/W winning, I just don’t want it to be by an outlandish margin over V/M – D/W are’t THAT much better. Or worse, V/M being dropped to bronze (which I sort of could see happening)
    Agreed on I/K over B/S in terms of which Russian team is better.
    As much as I love and respect Pang & Tong, I’d prefer a Cdn team or even the 2nd Russian team up there.

    Chan putting it together and getting the gold. Silver and Bronze to whoever is most deserving and is not named Plushenko
    Carolina getting a medal of any colour
    I/K putting together 2 solid dances for the bronze
    A good, clean competition is all I ask for!

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  30. Nobody’s reading but I have to chime in to say how irrationally happy I am that at least my dream bronze medalist made it to the Oly podium in the men’s event.

    Such a big woulda-shoulda-coulda event though. I have a feeling Worlds is suddenly going to be very interesting with a lot of guys wanting to redeem bad Olys performances…

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