The Rising Sun: Yuka’s Moment of Joy


Yuka Sato captured the gold at the 1994 World Championships; she captured the hearts of the skating world as a professional skater. A consummate professional, Yuka improved her artistry and performance ability. Choreographer LeAnn Miller brought out Yuka’s joyful personality through a series of upbeat numbers performed on the 1995 and 1996 professional circuits. Skating audiences fell in love. Though she was always admired as an amateur, Yuka was fully embraced and appreciated by audiences during her professional career. Her stunning edge jumps, impeccable edge quality, fast footwork and masterful spins quickly made me Kristi Yamaguchi’s greatest competitive rival. Though Yuka did not always tour as much as the other skaters during her early years as a professional, she frequently performed in competitions and shows and did so with the utmost quality and consistency.

This particular program to I Love You Always Forever captures the essence of a younger Yuka. It is fun and flirty, yet sophisticated. Years of incredible basic training went into every movement she did on the ice. The program earned her numerous titles and countless devotees around the world. It wasn’t long before the title of the song reflected of how to skating world regarded the 1994 World Champion.

Author: Dave Lease

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