Our Interview with Jamie Sale

The pairs event at the 2002 Olympic Games remains one of the most debated competitions of all time. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier faced stiff competition in their showdown with Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze. In our interview with Jamie Sale, we discuss how Sale gained the confidence to compete against a legendary team, how she compares their Olympic performances and what she makes of the many changes to the sport in the aftermath of the 2002 Olympic Games.

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Author: Dave Lease

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  1. Jamie comes across as pretty unlikable and she is definitely NOT over it. She wanted it so badly and she is still pissed that they did not win and eventually got a “consolation” medal.
    Dave looks like he disagrees at times, especially when she explains how their program would win even under the new system :) It was interesting what she said about their preparation.

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    • I disagree. She doesn’t seem unlikeable, but rather that she is someone who has successfully and healthily divorced her feelings on the sport of skating from her feelings on the skating world (which, honestly, was at a height of politicking during the 02 Games). She was absolutely right that the 6.0 system and the judging culture at that time created career trajectories for skaters, that you were only allowed to rise when the powers that be decided you would (if at all!). The level of frustration that goes with competing under a system like that must be difficult to bear. Great interview guys! It’s nice to see that she has moved on to a happier place, despite how difficult those Olympics must have been for her.

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      • Agree with KP. I feel like it’s pretty sure JS is in a better sphere now that she feels good taking a step back from it.

        I wish she’d seen the 2013 worlds and could provide an informed view of Chanflation.

        An interesting interview. Please say you’re lining up a Kurt Browning interview for 2014.

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        • The concept of chanflation is very saddening!!
          Firstly it puts Patrick in an awkward position and secondly it ignores the fact that it’s the judges fault for marking him on the basis on what he can do instead of what he did when it counted and in the moment.

          The ISU have had more than eight years to tweak this system but it still fails to put enough emphasis at clean programs as well as the poor skaters who are not top 10 skaters trying to hit those levels even when they don’t have the skills to do so. The system can work but the ISU needs to make changes!!

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  2. How come you guys didn’t do the “name game” at the end??

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    • We wanted to keep the interview on the shorter side, as Jamie was pressed for time–being an in-demand mommy and all 😉

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  3. Wow! Great interview. I’d say Jamie comes across as not only very likable but also seems to be very forthcoming. I really liked that Jenny and Dave asked questions that I had but would have been hesitant to ask, primarily about what happened to her marriage with David. I always wondered about that. They were one of my favorite pair teams and I was sad to hear that the marriage had not worked out. I met Jamie and David at a few skating events over the years and they were always kind to the fans. It’s always interesting to find out what life is like once the skating has stopped. Glad that Jamie is happy and enjoying a normal life after life in the spotlight.

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  4. Thank you for the interview and Thank you to the fans that got you connected to Jamie. It is wonderful to see fans helping each other out. I became a fan of watching skating in 2010 and for some reason I taught myself the IJS system to the point that I can understand it so its great that you have these past interviews so I can understand how skating was before IJS.

    Have fun at Salt Lake City Jenny and Dace. Would love to watch but I have been geo-blocked from watching the live stream for this event….WHAT ARE YOU DOING ICE NETWORK!!!!!!!

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  5. I find her very unlikable an uninformed. She doesn’t seem to know or care much about what goes on in the world.

    Love Story was at best a junior program. It shouldn’t have won under 6.0 and only did so because of cry and whine campaign. Now there is a truly terrible joke of a system that is killing the sport. It wouldn’t have won under the current system either. At the Olympics it looks like Jamie under rotated the opening jump.

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  6. I don’t know her but I find her to be a bit snotty. She criticizes Johnny Wier because of how he chooses to express himself on/off the ice but it’s ok for her to flaunt herself in a magazine with barely anything on while she was married to David? She doesn’t like the guy and has publicly given an unflattering opinion about him in the past. She is no ballerina on the ice either. At least Berezhnaya could skate with grace. Every time I have seen Sale skate professionally on TV she is shaking her booty or flaunting her body at the audience. We don’t hear Johnny Wier whining about her skating style now do we?

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  7. Thanks for the interview with Jamie! Very interesting to hear her take on the rivalry with Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze. I liked her response to Dave’s question about trying to compete against one of the all-time greats. Sounds like S/P’s approach was to just work really hard, do everything at the absolute best level they could, and not obsess too much over pointless comparisons to B/S. Useful advice for those now trying to compete against Yuna Kim and Patrick Chan. In the past, I’ve never been a particular fan of Sale. But she comes across as very likable, positive, and down-to-earth.

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  8. Jenny is so hot!

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