Dave Lease

daveleaseWhile Jenny Kirk spent hours of her childhood in an ice rink, Dave Lease wasn’t as fortunate. Though he dreamed of winning Olympic gold and spent countless hours embarrassing his parents by practicing skating jumps in front of the television, Dave spent his childhood admiring Kristi Yamaguchi on television.

A typical over-scheduled American youth, Dave earned the rank of Eagle Scout while being involved in dramas, musicals, marching band, county choir, and serving as church cantor and an editor of his high school’s newspaper. He then earned a degree in Journalism from Ithaca College and completed internships at London’s Natural Death Centre and with NBC Olympics at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Tired of seeing interest in figure skating and gymnastics evaporate, Dave started the often-satiracal, sometimes analytical, and always entertaining blog Aunt Joyce’s Ice Cream Stand in 2009 in an attempt to bring the candor and personality back to Olympic sports.

After a few years of struggling to find direction and battling self-doubt, Dave regained focus, drive and passion while covering Olympic sports as a blogger and embarking on his own journey into the world of figure skating as an adult skater. Currently preparing for his Adult Gold Moves in the Field and Bronze Freestyle tests, Dave hopes to share the lessons he’s learned and his undying passion from the sport with others.

You can e-mail Dave at TheSkatingLesson@gmail.com

Correction: Dave meant to say when he does a SINGLE loop, but got caught up in the glamour of Jenny Kirk and misspoke. He has never done a triple outside of his own mind.